The Captains Plan (Buck and Darius)

Darius knew at this point he would have to really be careful.

The Captain set sail for Astar, But he gaither some of the crew after Darius went to find Buck.

“Mate’s, this boy, wants to go to Astar!, we all know what is in Astar.!”

“I’, Captian,”

“He is carrying a black case, it is strapped across his chest.”

“I need one of you to wait, until he is asleep and cut it from him.”

I’,I’ Captain.”

“Now go find that manggie Dog, before I have cook prepare him for dinner!!”

Daris found Buck at the back in of the ship.

“Come on Buck, I want let them hurt you!.”

Buck, started to lick Darius when Ole’ Luke told him to come with him.

Ole’ Luke had a soft spot for Darius, so he took him to a part of the ship that was used for guest.

“Boy, you can sleep here tonight, sleep with one eye open and trust no one.”

“Good night, and keep that dog quite for the Captain eat him.”

“Thanks Luke, Good night.”

The ship sailed under a black sky the Red Star flag flapped in the winds…..

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