Character Generator

Many writers claim that the characters are more in control of the story than the writers themselves. To this end here’s a little not-a-challenge. I’ll give you three character profiles and lets see what kind of ficlets you can generate from them. Choose one or try to do all three in one shot. Multiple ficlets are allowed, but remain true to the characters.

Emily Vance
Emily was a quiet and kind child. She was orphaned at age 6. While the mistress of the orphanage treats her well, the other children shun her because Emily posseses telekinetic powers and the ability to speak with ghosts.

Evelyn Marzi
Charismatic and optimistic Evelyn grew up in a sheltered Virginia town, with parents who didn’t quite understand her. After graduation she rushed to the big city and gets caught up in the Harlem Renaissance. A fledgling flapper, her niavete tends to get her in trouble.

Calculating and cheerful, she journeys across Rowenia with her two friends in search of treasure and a good time. She’s half elf.

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