The Death of Liam O'Connor, Part 6

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Charlotte had set up a protection spell around the grounds that would alert us if anyone crossed the barrier, so we felt relatively safe. Liam and I played some cards while Charlotte and CherryPop napped during the high afternoon heat.

It was just after sunset when everything went balls up.

Charlotte’s spell sounded the alarm, startling all of us. I ran for CherryPop and scooped her up from her pile of Lego’s. I cradled her close to me as I ran for the door. Behind me I could hear Charlotte begin to chant and I could feel her power building.

“Des! Run now! It’s Alexander!” she shouted, her concentration broken as the wizard in question stepped into the room. He raised his staff and pointed it at me.

“NOOO!” Charlotte screamed and ran toward him. A vivid blue light lit the room as his blast raced towards me. I had just enough time to turn and shield CherryPop before I felt a hard thud against my back and I fell forward.

Liam was lying on top of us. Dead.

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