The Faucet Of Ideas

“Julie, did you read my story yet?”

“No, I am weeding through the hundered or so other stories that came out today.’

“Well, I have a uncontrollable out pouring of writting today.”

“It’s almost as if someone turned on the faucet of idea’s today.”

“Really, you know what that means, you are really asorbed with somthing to say.”

“Yeah, I guess so, but I am writting and no one is reading.”

“I value everyones opinion, it helps me to be a better writter.”

“Well, you know there is also others who feel that if they don’t know you they want read your stories base on who they know.”

“Thats not fair!, would they want me to do the same thing to their stories?”

“This is why I love ficlets, everyone seem to work as a community and get involve with everyone’s writting.”

” Well you know what they say, in everything there is bound to be someone who is not always cooperative.”

“I know, I seem to be finding that out even here.”

You cannot win them all, just do your best at writting

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