With You

I can’t hear, hear what you say
The words are dying, they pass away
The noise all around me, around me,
It hurts me so
But I can’t hear you, what do i do?
What do I do?

I will be with you again
I will be with you again

I can’t see you, see your face
The fog all around me is in the way
I feel in the dark, oh where are you?
I just realized, yeah,
I need you, yeah you…
I need to break through
see me close to you
but I feel so far….

Need to be with you again,
I, I will begin again

I need to see your face
oh, to hear what you say….

I, I will see you again
I, I will hear you again

And so I remove, all of these things that seemed
so very important, but they’re only pains
‘cause I want to be with you
to be with you every day
All has changed
I see you now
I hear you onw
I’m with you now…..

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