Lailah: Things are Always Changing (Character Challenge)

“Would you like to come treasure-hunting with us, Lailah?”
Hell, yeah!

She hadn’t even thought about it. She sure as hell was thinking about it now, sitting against a wall with her wrists done up in shackles high above her head.
She stared into the dank cell full fellow halflings. All of them had the same hopeless expression upon their faces…the same distant, out-of-place recession in their eyes. The people were locked up deep inside themselves with the thought, “How did I get here?”

It was a lot for an elf to handle in the day and a half she’d known. And she was only half elf. That changes everything.

Where were Lailah’s friends now? Heading off on their tromp through Rowenia. They never cared. No one had cared for her but her mother, but that had gotten her killed. Then there was the couple that’d hid her all these years, but they were gone now, too. Who knows where her human father might be? She could’ve cared less at this point.
Dirty human scum!

But things are always changing.

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