Runaway #4

A light breeze blew against her face as she hurried along the sidewalk, attracting the attention of some people passing by. She must have looked odd – a rather dirty girl hurring down the sidewalk on a bridge with a backpack on Sunday, but she didn’t care. She kept her hood on to hide her face as she ran and ran, gripping the wet railing on the side of the bridge. She looked down, seeing the road underneath her, watching the cars pass. She sighed, suddenly feeling a pang of homelessness. But she had no desire to return to her parents, who would surely beat the crap out of her when they found out she ran away. She needed money. She had some with her, about a hundred dollars, but that sure wouldn’t last long. She came to the end of the bridge, following the sidewalk into the tranquil town of Springview.

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