Damn Alarm Clock


But he wouldn’t stop. No matter how loud she could have screamed it, he would continue.


She said it this time with a bit more harshness dripping from her voice. She meant it, and although she knew he wouldn’t listen, she had to do all she could to get away. Away from being torn away from the world she loved. Torn away from the only place she felt solace in. With her last thread of hope being cut away by reason, she swung her arm out, hitting her foe.

And thus, with a loud clunk of heavy plastic hitting hardwood, the monotonous buzz of the alarm clock continued its call, feeling like small stabs to the young girls ear. She let out a small tired groan, heavily regretting her decision to “partyâ€? the night before. No matter what her eccentric best friend had told her, vodka and caffeine pills do certainly NOT mix. They especially DIDN ’T mix, when you had a mid-term the next day.

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