Drifting Apart (I Miss You Challenge)

I’m not quite sure if it is you I miss, or just the idea of you I held in my heart for so long.

It’s windy outside – it whips against my windows with a surprising ferocity. And as I sit here listening to the sound it makes against the backdrop of another late night, I find my thoughts wandering back to you.

I can’t say when, or even how, it happened. But somewhere along the line, we crossed a boundary and I’m not sure if we can ever go back. It was a slow transition – from our deep, personal conversations to hardly anything at all.

I wonder if you miss it too, wherever you are.

I can still picture your eyes, and the way they dance with life and love and everything in between. I hope that light never goes out for you, no matter what happens.

A part of me will always hold the hope that one day we can pick up where we ended so abruptly.

I wonder if I’ve effected you somehow, changed you, made you different. And, as I sit here listening to the wind, I wonder if you hear it too, and think of me.

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