Home Ec

Now that we were into the 2nd semester, I was starting
home ec.

Lucky for me, Bryce was in this class too.

We were assigned our sewing machines by alphabetical order, and the way it worked out, Bryce was right in front of me.

I didn’t expect that him and me were going to talk that much though, I just thought we were going to sit by each other all year, and that was fine with me.

But we did talk. We talked a lot.

“Nora, help me out with this, what do I do next??”
He said, turning around and looking at me.

“You just cut the thread.” I said.

“With my scissors?” He asked, completely serious.

I tried to suppress my laugh, but couldn’t manage to keep in my smile.

“Yes, with your scissors.” I told him.

“Okay, so where do I cut?” He asked.

It was so funny how nervous her was, he was so afraid of messing up.

“Right in the middle.” I said.

“Here?” He said.


“You sure?”


“I’m trusting you Nora.”

“I’m positive.”

He cut the string, and collapsed in his chair with a huge sigh of relief.

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