Nick J. Is Off Da Chain

The minute I got backstage I had a panic attack. Our costumes were missing!
“Wes, what do we do?” Brian asked, his face pale with worry.
“Warm up with the others! I’ll take care of it!” I said going into total freak out mode.
It took me half an hour to find our costumes so we didn’t have much time to rehearse and pray. After that the performance went perfectly. We ran off the stage for intermission totally pumped because after that is when things got faster. We had our two favorite songs left to perform. In the last one your supposed to show your love for your favorite band. I couldn’t wait!
I pulled out my Blackberry and sent a text to Nick.
Hey! 2 more songz after intermis.! starving, no food B/S. Brng me a cookie? Plz? Meet by B/S door. Technic. cant cum but w/e. hungry! hry up! LOL Jk! -Wes
I got one back a moment later.
kk. no food b/s? is ridiculous! B ther soon. Dont starv 2 death! LOL -Nick J.
I smiled to myself as I walked towards the backstage door.

Nick J. really is off da chain.

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