A Blind Kid's Clothes

I put down the phone and started picking out what I was going to wear for tomorrow. I tagged my clothes with a braille description on the article of clothing. I chose a red, button- down collared shirt with a tight long-sleeve yellow and black Under Armour shirt.
After wards, I just threw on a pair of jeans and dug out some Nike shoes that I think were black. Felt like it.
What really made me nervous is that I wasn’t even sure whether or not I look cool! I really hoped so.
I walked into school today with my freshly-picked-out outfit.
“Hey there.” Hayley said. “Nice outfit.”
YES !!
“Uh..thanks.” I stammered.
The day flowed by after that. We met up again to get into Hayley’s car. Her Dad and I talked on the way. It was a good start to an even better afternoon.

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