Crazy Joe

“I’ll be right back, Wes wants me to bring her some food,” Nick said, getting up and walking towards the table of food.

I was watching Nick walk toward the backstage door when I felt somebody pull my hair. I jumped and swung my head around to see Joe. “Joe! What are you doing to my hair?!”

“Sorry!” he lauged. “I found this awesome sticker on the floor. I thought it would look good on you.”

I ripped what he was holding out of his hand. It was a tiny sticker of a pink flower. “Oh my God, Joe. You’re so random. And don’t put something you found on the floor in my hair! Are you crazy?”

“Yes!” Kevin said before Joe could get a word out.

By this time, Nick had come back and the dancers were coming back onstage. Everyone got quiet as another song began.

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