where are we going

john was hesitating to accept the offer of the man, on the one hand he had nothing to lose because he had nowhere to go. But on the other hand ,the man that was addresing him was a complete stranger. After a minute or 2 John decided to take the offer and got in the car in spite of his hunch.
In the car the man ,who was a big ,tall guy with a ponytail and several tattoos on his body, started to ask where I came from and what I was in for.
I said I was raised in Dallas but I lived almost a year now in LA. He said that he had some familly in the neighbourhood of Dallas. I also told him i was arresed for petty crimes in several malls. He asked me my name and I asked his, his name is Chandler Stanfor, but his friends call him Chance. Then a silence dropped on us an it lasted 15 long minutes. Then I asked him where we were going to but he did not answer me ,instead he turned on his radio .After a while I asked him again but now he responded. He said: “you will soon find out where I am taking you.” ....

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