Regrettably, we are not able to offer enrollment to you at this time
The words stung. It was like they had slapped me. Rejected. No. We don’t want you at our school.
Thank you for your interest. We wish you all the best.
We hope you get in to the other schools you applied to, because you didn’t here.

Yeah, I did get into some other schools. But not the one I really wanted to go to. I got into other schools, with honors even, but not here. Nope, not here.
I must sound a little bit unapreciative. I’m not, I am glad I got into my second choice. Still…
Glitter is all over the place from the letters of the schools that did accept me. Their envelopes were big and puffy. But the one laying in front of me is the small one. The regular sized envelope. The plain one, with one lonely piece of paper in it, holding my rejection.
They try to be nice when they reject me, but that doesn’t make it easier to read.
I know thousands of people have felt the same way I do now, but that doesn’t make it any better.

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