Awesome... Psyche!

Nick appeared at the door a short time later, he handed me the cookie.
“Hey, you.” he said, smiling. Then he frowned. “Are you o.k?”
“No-yes. I don’t know.”I said. I’m so nervous!”
“Wes, you’ll do fine. Just breathe.” Nick assured me. Then the announcement for the end of intermission. “I have to go.” he gave me a quick hug. “Breathe!” he disappeared through the door.
The last songs we had to perform were Let’s Groove and a mix of Nick J. Is Off Da Chain and Hold On a friend of mine made for this occasion. Let’s Groove went fine and so did Hold On.
Until they dropped me.
There were only four of us in the last song, the three boys dressed like the Jonas Brothers and me, I revealed my hair. We were at the end of the song, and I was supposed to do a split-leap, “Kevin” and “Joe” were supposed to catch me and put me up on their shoulders. They weren’t paying attention, instead of putting me up on their shoulders they threw me over.
I posed on the ground. “Awesome.” I muttered.
The song ended. Ouch.

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