You Awe Some, You Scare Some [Character Generator Challenge]

In a whirl of tassles and gin fumes, Evelyn collapsed into the first booth she could find in the diner. Out of habit, she started messing her bobby pins, checking her hair, still giggling about all her fun. The morose young woman across the table coughed meaningfully.

“Eh? Sorry toots, didn’t see ya there. Spare a dime for coffee?” Evelyn said lightly, not really sorry at all, just having a lark.

“No,” the woman replied flatly, hardly looking up from her paper, “And I could do without the company.”

“Ah, you’re cute, in a funeral sort of way.” Evelyn laughed at her own joke. “What’s yer name anyway?”

“My name is Emily,” she said sternly, “And I want to be alone.” She glared, and her forehead creased. The silverware levitated and arranged inself menacingly in Evelyn’s direction. Wide-eyed and now very sober, the flapper hastily excused herself.

The waitress sauntered over, “Was that really called for, E?”

Emily shrugged, “You awe some, you scare some. That’s life, isn’t it.”

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