Emily's Awesome Responsibility [Character Generator Challenge]

The cute guy at the table near the Steak ‘n Shake looked over for a third time. Had Emily not become accustomed to even public humiliation, she might have allowed herself to be hopeful. Instead, memories of abuse at the orphanage resurfaced and raised her blood pressure. The empty chair across from her moved backward several inches.

He likes you, said a voice.

Emily sighed out loud. Talking to them in private was one thing, but public places always made it difficult. And God forbid you not answer them.

“How do you know?” Emily muttered, covering her mouth.

Former wife.

The whole not using compete sentences thing had always bugged Emily, but not nearly as much as now being pimped to a stranger by the ghost of his dead wife.

“Isn’t this a little odd?” she hissed. “How long have you been gone?”

Three weeks. Must avenge.

Emily put it together. “Another seduce-and-torture job. Freakin’ awesome.”

She was annoyed beyond measure. On the table, an unopened ketchup pack imploded.

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