Awesome, It Worked... (A New Life)

Paulo called me into his quarters midway through my second week at New Life. He sized me up; it was clear he had an uncanny ability to read people. I wondered if this is what happened to Joshua. He always wore his heart on his sleeve, while I easily kept my emotions at bay.

“I’ve been looking through your profile and one thing doesn’t jive.”

Here it comes.

“Your host suggests that you are a natural leader and phenomenal marksman, your tests showed a high aptitude, and yet you’re applying to work in the mail room?”


“Could I persuade you to forego such trivial matters and join our leadership program instead?”

“I guess, sir.”

“Paulo,” he corrected.

“Paulo,” I conceded. “I wouldn’t presume to tell you where I should be placed. I just thought you wanted us to work our way up.”

“I applaud your work ethic and your subservience. You’ll make an excellent host. You’ll start in the mail room tomorrow, a four hour shift. The rest of your day will be devoted to the program.”

Awesome, it worked.

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