Rain, Coffee, and The Talk

He sunk into the large chair. He sat there looking out the window and watching the rain fall ever so slowly. It was like time was slowing down just to spite him.

He looked at his watch and sipped his coffee wondering when she would show up. He had called her and said they had to talk. He wasn’t sure what to say. He just knew things weren’t right.

Every time the door opened, he’d glance over and wonder if it would be her. He had rehearsed what’d he was going to say a million times but it never seemed just right.

How was she going to react when he told her? Would she be mad?

The door to the coffee shop opened. He saw her. They acknowledged each other. As she walked over, he took a deep breath, wondering if there was some way that he could make a quick escape but that wasn’t going to happen.

The hugged. The both sat down so they could have “the talk.”

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