Boggs Inc

A knock came at the door as I sat at the desk smoking a cigerette.

The smoke filled room was disappearing with every puff.

I told who ever it was at the door to come in.

behind the cloud of smoke I could see a red head, that was peering at me from across the room

I waved the smoke out of my face, and now a pair of stark blue eyes was peeping at me with this sultry look.

“What can I do for you.” My mind was stairing in other directions as she voiced her reason for being in my office.

“Are you Mr. Boggs?”

I looked her in thoes hypnotic eyes and ask “Who wants to Know?”

She walk towards me and in a hush of her breath and said “Cleo is the name and extended her danity hand towards mine.

“Well, well! Cleo look like you found your man, whats the problem?”

“I got man trouble, and I need someone to take care of it!”

“Well doll you have the right man for the job!”

“Tell me what type of problems doll face?”

“My husband is missing and no one has seen him!”

She dropped….......

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