A Tale of Awesomeness: a ficlet tragedy

This is Jim. He is awesome.
This is Thomas. He too is awesome.
This is Claudia. She also is pretty awesome.
This is Quagmire. He is just htere but we’ll call him awesome too.
This is Sheen. He is scratching the line.
Now we take you on an awesome journey to the town of Florgal, Liechtenstein. Here we join Jim, Thomas, Claudia, Quagmire, and Sheen. Ah, DARN ! Jim just met the garbage food processor and it wasn’t friendly. Ouch! Quagmire just met the garbage disposal, what a way to go! It still isn’t as cool as a food processor though. Fie! Claudia just drowned in a pool of pudding! And Thomas just fell into the Bottomless Pit of Footballs and Struedly! Sheen just ran into a wall. He lived…(sob)

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