The 5:26 News: Awesomeness Edition

Who has been awesome on March 10th 2008, the International Day of Awesomeness, and how. Feel free to sequel with your own Awesomeness Report.
History Teacher – Did not dismiss my proclomation of IDoA. Gave me two random facts about today.

Ash – Draws an amazing anime character, packing for Florida

Jan – Wore an awesome Jack Sparrow T-shirt today

Sam – Can bend the powers of Awesomeness

Ryan – PWNED people in soccer

Chris – ISN ’T AWESOME !! Insulted IDoA (negative1,000 awesomeness points)

Landon – (Ash’s awesome anime character) Too awesome for words

Erin – Helped people with their homework

Captiness of the High Seas of Awesomeness (me!) – Told everyone about the IDoA and wore her “I am the Masked Stranger” T-shirt! Also wrote this report.

Thank you for your attention, this is the end of the 5:26 News, News report: Awesomeness Edition. As our friend THX 0477 would say:

Go on about your awesomeness!

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