An Awesome Exlposion of Pubescent Anger (Or, How I Managed To Embarass Myself In the Hallway In Between Sixth and Seventh Hour)

I just stared at george. It wasn’t like him to get this excited about Burrito getting sent to the hospital.

george just looked at me, dumbfounded at my dumbfoundedness. I swear, if the school hallway would’ve been quieter, somewhere in the distance a cricket would have chirped. “What?” he finally asked, breaking the awkward connection between us.

“george, are you hiding something from me?” I yelled (Probably more liked screeched actually. My voice was going through that “funny stage”.) “It’s not like you to get this excited about stupid Senior Principal Johnathan Burrito” (By this time, the entire student body had frozen and was looking at me with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.) “Getting sent to the STUPID HOSPITAL ” (Now Professor Buttercup (No, I’m not kidding, (Am I allowed to put parentheses in parentheses?) that’s his name.) was stalking up behind me, but I didn’t realize it yet.) “FOR A MOST LIKELY STUPID REASON!” I finished.

Cue the crickets…

“Young man, you are coming with me!”

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