We once were friends

Frend ship; ours has withered away and has been forgoten like old dolls on a shelf. I thought it would last forever. The fun we had. The great lives we lived. Always saying that we would never forget. I have not but I can tell you have. My name is gone from your mind. High School was the best yet still the worst in turn for our friend ship had been lost but never found. I have missed you. Have you missed me? Seperated for all these years. Not a word was said. I just let it happen. It could have stopped. Then I had lost control on the way. Your way from Earth to Heven above. A life so wonderful. Twas sweet but not short. A life everlasting; a strength intwined with my fears. Well now you you are gone. You are laied to rest. A life considered by you one of the best. I will be gone soon too. There I will be waiting there for you like a forgoten and withered doll on a shelf all dusty and rotted and not doing so well.

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