The 11 O' Clock Awesome News

This is The Awesome News at 11 o’clock ,” the booming voice of the announcer says.
Seen on screen, a man, white perfect anchor man hair, white teeth to match. Next to him sits a perky blonde with fifty shiny white straight teeth.

“Our Top story on this Day of Awesomeness,” said the male anchor, “Presidential candidates agree not to sling mud during their campaign.”

“That’s right Dale, ” continued the female anchor seated next to him, “they signed the pledge at an elementary school celebrating this Day of Awesomeness.”

“That’s so awesome, Dana,” Dale said.

“It sure is Dale,” she said. “Our very own Sports director Todd Toddingswell with sports. Todd,” she said cueing him to speak.

“Ryan Howard hit an awesome home run in Clearwater today winning the game for the Phillys.
It was an awesome game Dana and Dale,” said Todd.

“We’ll be right back with John Tornado Stuart with an awesome weather report, Dana said excitedly.

A commercial appears on screen advertising a red 2008 Toyota Awesome THX0477 .

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