“Why?” Kamaria asked. “What’s wrong with being a Halfing?”
Melanie looked hesitant. “Well…” she started, but was interrupted by the door creaking open.
“Hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Aedin said as he popped his head in. He gave Melanie a wink, and she smiled gratefully. Apparently she didn’t want to tell Kamaria any more. “Oh, Kamaria, I think you should come with me now,” he said, gesturing for her to follow him.
“Why did you interrupt her?! She was just about to tell me…”
“You must learn to keep quiet!” Aedin said, crushing his strong hand against her perfect lips. “Please,” he hissed, “just follow me. And stay silent.
Why does he always have to…
“I repeat. SILENT .”
Kamaria followed Aedin down a long, dimly lit hallway similar to the one she was in before. This time, however, the flames of the torches were green.
They came to a large, wooden door covered with writhing golden serpents around crimson hearts. “If you’ll follow me,” he said as he disappeared behind the door.

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