The 6:54 IDoAwesomeness UPdate!

Well today:

Sam: created the awsomest ever hand art and locker poster declaring the awesomest day of the year!

Mykaela: drew an awesome picture of Chuck Norris dancing with a giant candle on his head (in honor of his birthday which is today!)

Paul: went crazy as usual and gave us totally random facts that there is a serial killer saint and a patron saint of tortured victims and prostitutes (st. geneisis of rome)

Durb: totally didn’t make us write 38 vocab words; instead allowed us to draw a picure of a sponge (which is awesome!)

Chris: walked his girlfriend to class (awww); and only insulted my twice that i know of! A RECORD !

Me: i didn’t insult a single person! (omg! that has never happened before!)

all in honor of the InTeRnAtIoNaL dAy Of AwEsOmEnEsS!

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