Ole Luke (Darius and Buck)

Darius and the six crew man, anchored the shore boat and step onto the Island.

The Captain, also step on to the Island with a huge moan of fustration. I gaithered he wanted to know why Darius came to this mystical and evil Island.

“Boy, this is a Island of mystical and evil powers, why have you come here?”

“Tell us what you carrie in that black case?”

” I will not, it is my business and you can just go your way now!”

“Seize him now!!”

Buck started grawling at the men as they approached Darius. Buck leap into them with such rage. His teeth showing and nawing at the Captian throat.

Ole Luke jump in front of Darius and pulled his sword in an effort to give Darius and Buck a head start through the Jungle.

“Run boy, run!”

Darius truned and ran up the hill, Buck right beside him. Darius look behind and watched as Ole Luke finned them off with his sword. The Captain yelled for them to capture Ole Luke but Ole Luke headed for the jungle behind Darius.

The Captain gaitherd his senses…..

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