Astar the Mystical Island (Buck and Darius)

“You bunch of sluge, go after them we must catch him and take the leather case from him.”

The men and the captain went in the direction of Darius and Buck. Ole Luke had caught up with them peg leg and all.

“Ole Luke, thank you for risking your life for us.”

” Laid, I am an old salty bagger, but I could never let them kill a child.”

“I am not a child, I can take care of my self you must understand that!”

“Sure you can boy, we have to make haste they are on our heels.”

They ran until they found them selves deep in the jungle, Everything looked the same.

Darius and Ole Luke did not realize that the sand was covering their foot prints as they went deeper and deeper into the trees.

Ole Luke felt as if they were being watched.

“Darius do you understand that no one ever left this Island alive.”

“What do you mean Ole Luke?”

“This Island is the lost Island of Astar, Astar means galexey.

“In the galexey there are numours stars lost and no one know how to find them.”

Astar also…

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