Shelter For The Night (Darius and Buck)

Astar also means Mystical.

“Come Buck, sit boy!”

They were getting out of breath from running. Ole Luke told Darius that they must find shelter for the night.

Darius knew he had to take the chance and tell Ole Luke why they were there. He did not know if could trust him.

He thought that since Ole Luke fought to protect him that maybe he could be trusted. Darius knew he had to get to the other side of the beach where the first clue was. He went along with Ole luke to find shelter.

Buck ran to an opening in the trees, inside was a cave. Dairus told Ole Luke that Buck had found an cave. They knew that they had to cover the opening up once inside.

“Hurry boy, I can hear the Captian and the men approaching from the other side.”

Darius and Ole Luke look for firer wood, they had to make a firer to keep warm through the night.

Once they entered the cave, they went deep inside, first making sure there was no danger.

“Buck, snifem out boy, go get uhum.”

Buck hunched down….........

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