New School

The new girl sat in the cornner, watching everyone spend time at lunch togather.

Her plaid skirt and baby doll blouse did not fit the new schools image.

The girls were wearing tight jeans and crop tops with piercings.

She felt out of place. She open her sandwich bag, and noticed her mom still placed in a note inside even though she had asked her not to.

She knew she was starting high school and the note thing would even make her more of a geek.

She nibbled at her sandwhich pretending not to notice a group boys sitting oppisite end of the table. She tried not to make contact with them but she did.

She quickly turned away, and silently prayed that he did not catch her looking.

The bell rang and everyone left the cafteria and went to class.

As she walked back to her locker to get her books, she noticed someone following her.

She did not trun to look, but felt them breathing almost as if they were in heat.

She got to her locker but there was no one there.

Could she have…...

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