“MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! They are complete!”
“What may I ask is complete, master?”
The paunchy old woman smiled a wicked smile and turned to her servant. In her hands was a plate of donuts, but not just any donuts…
“These are my Awesomely-Wicked-Green-Princess-Destroyer-Donuts!”
“They look a little funny.”
“Well, what do you expect? It’s all part of my ingenious plan to eradicate myself of the pertinacious disease which is Princess Medalbee!
“Excuse me?”
“I’m gonna kill her!”
“Actually, you are,” the woman said, handing the donuts to her servant. “Take these to her palace. Oh wait, I have a convincing letter to go with it in the other room.”
The woman quickly disappeared into the next room, and came back quickly with a purple envelope in her hands. What she saw surprised her.
“What are you DOING !?”
The servant looked up frightened, with green crumbs stuck to his lips.
You weren’t supposed to eat them!? Do you not listen?”
“I was hungry.”
“They’re poisonous!
“Oops…my bad.”

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