Ice Cream(New School)

Could she have imagined it. Maybe her nerves were getting the best of her.

She grabbed her books and hurried to class. After the last period she had to get home because her grandmother was comming in for the weekend.

She thought that if she saw her grandmother she would forget all about school until Monday.

On the way home she stop at the local ice cream hang out. Alot of kids always went there before going home.

She went to the counter to get a scoop of banana nut cream her favorite.

While she was waiting for it she noticed a a dollar sliding on the glass counter. The clerk told her it would be eighty cents for the ice cream.

She reached in her pocket to get the money, when a voice said “I got it.” She was very nervous as she truned to tell who ever it was no thank you.

It was a dark haired guy with a dirty grin that could scare the pants off of you.

He staired at her as if she was a piece of glass.

“Whats your name?” the long hair guy asked.

She was very reluctant to say…

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