The truth (to be continued..)

Lucas puts the phone down slowly and turns to Andrea who is now standing impatiently with one hand on her hip.

“Uhh Andrea, I’m really sorry, can we talk later?”
He says, getting up.

“I knew it, try to deny it all you want but i know that you were trying to set me up all along. We’re over! Don’t call..ever”
Andrea says as she walks away toward the door.

“Wait, i’ll tell you everything”
Lucas says, hoping she’d turn around to face him.

“Oh here we go again! What now?”
Andrea says pausing for a second.
“He threatened me”
“He threatened me with telling you about this accident that happened a few years ago.”
“So why don’t you tell me?” Andrea says taking a seat in front of Lucas.
“Okay..about three years ago, i really liked this girl Jenna, and i was best friends with her sister Jade. So I wanted to approach Jade to ask her if she could get a good word in for me with Jenna..We never talked about my crushes this was a first. So i asked her to meet me and she said…

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