Awesome: a ficlet witchburning tale

I watched as the flames swirled around me. My life put to an end by the very thing i loved the most. Fire. It has always intrigued me with the way it seemed to be alive and yet still managed to be only an object. I struggled against the ropes that help me to the stake, but to no avail.
Mother had always said my strange habits would one way get me in trouble. At the time i thought that she was just trying to get me to stop talking to all the living things in the forest if not to keep from going into the forest at all. But now i see that she meant, truly, that i would be accused of a witch. A witch about to be burned at the stake.
A smoke curled around my face as though caressing away my fears. it lingered there for a moment before dissapating into the air allowing one single tear to slide down my cheek as the flames claimed my body.

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