The truth 2 (to be continued..)

...that she had something important to tell i thought this was a great oppurtunity.. so I gave her a place to meet the Cafe around the corner.”

“There’s no Cafe around the corner..”
“Just here me out.. so we met..


“Hey so i had to ask you something but you go first.”
Younger Lucas says

“No, it’s okay you go first”
Jade says
“Okay fine, i really like Jenna and I wanted to know if you would..ya know talk to her for me?”
Jade said as her face turned completely red
“Are you okay?”
“Totally, i gotta go now.”
Jade said as she ran away before giving Lucas a chance to ask her what she wanted to say.

Back to present
”..and she wouldn’t talk to me for the next few weeks and she started to change and she got all goth and i never understood why all that had happened..but it wasn’t until she started cutting herself that anyone noticed. I tried to get close to her and ask what was wrong but she wouldn’t talk to me, and one of those..

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