In Need of A Make Over (New School)

when Jenna mom told her it was a guy, she litteraly turned pale.

“Jenna, I thought you said you hadn’t made any friends at school?”

“I didn’t”

“Can I be excuse, I have some home work to finish.”

“Ok, but don’t stay up so late?”

Jenna ran up stairs, peeping out of her window to see if any one was parked along the street.

She sat on the bed, wondering why she was being stalked like this.

Just her luck someone was finally interested in her and he turns out to be a freak.

Jenna stood in the mirror looking at her self, she was so thin and tall that she looked like a tree if you were to stand next to her.

She had long straight brown hair, and emerald green eyes. she wore these granny glasses and she was badly in need of make over.

she sat at her desk, open her book to try to get some home work done, her mind kept drifting back to all the mistakes she made today.

She knew she needed to tell her mom about this guy, but something was telling her not to. She glanced at the text book.

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