The Resurrection of Liam O'Connor, Part 1

The room was silent. I could no longer hear CherryPop crying or my wife screaming. The weight of Liam’s body covering mine made it difficult to breathe. As if I could breathe at all in that moment. I shifted Liam gently to the side and curled myself around my daughter.

Gradually, as if someone turned up the cosmic volume, the noise returned. Charlotte was now deadly calm as she stood between us and Alexander. The words she chanted in a steady voice were nonsensical to me but Alexander looked terrified. His body began to shake uncontrollably as Charlotte’s chant grew stronger. She stepped towards him, shouting now and Alexander screamed. Such a scream I have never heard in all my long years. I never hope to again.

Blood began to pour from Alexander’s eyes and nose. His fingernails became crescents of blood that dripped to the floor. Then with a wet pop, the wizard exploded covering everything – and everyone – in shredded bits of wizard.

Charlotte turned to me, smiled a bloody smile, and collapsed.

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