the love we had

No I’m not an effin handful, I’m effin hurt. And I wish I never called you,not even for that shirt. Cause you lie there and tell me that through it all, I’m wrong. Then you threaten to hang up if I keep singing my song. I can’t tell tell if I’m in love with you but I shouldn’t have been at first. Maybe it was lust, not love, that gave us both this thirst for lips and hands that were’nt ours but now behind the walls of love my heart cowers. Good God, you changed the heck out of me then left me there to cry. Then you say you need rules, to keep me form asking why. But I just ask for closure’s sake and not to be a pain. Thing is to prove a point, you would leave me in the rain. I don’t comprehend, I’m not the girl I used to be, but is that so stinkin bad? But I promise you, you’ll never again find me crying for the “love” that we once had.

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