A prequel to- And the Winner Is....

It was just me and her. I was definitley going to win the crown. I was going to be on top. I had never ever lost anything in my life,it was not going to start now.
I looked at my opponent, she was not as pretty as me and hadn’t performed as well as me. I was confident, I was going to win. My parents and friends had already told me how great I was, so… I had nothing to worry about.
I wonder what she will do with all that anger when I win. Maybe she will rip her dress while running of the stage in humiliation. That will be a fun sight!
They are so close to calling us up onto the stage.
This is totally my chance to win and beat her at something I am, oh so good at! This is my chance to knock her down!
I am so confident, she has nothing, absolutley nothing to offer. I will win, most definitley!
As they called our names we gracefully walked over and stood on the stage. They were about to announce the winner…

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