A warning

“Who are you?” Past Sam demanded as Sam rushed him away from Amy’s house.

“I’m you. Now, did you tell Amy that I-you-we should see other people yet?” Sam asked his past self hurriedly.

“What? No. Her psychotic brother burst in before I had a chance. And how did you know I was going to tell her-?”

“Doesn’t matter. Look. Do not, I repeat do NOT break up with
Amy. She may be the best thing that ever happened to me. Got that?” Sam demanded.

“Uh..yeah. Sure. Whatever you say.” Past Sam said. “Now, can I go?”

“Yes. And remember. DON ’T BREAK UP WITH AMY .” Sam said sternly.

Past Sam walked back to Amy’s house, and future Sam wandered around the road. Now, he only had to find his time machine and he was set to go…

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