Attention, Your Most Supreme Chimplord Speaking

“Attention, citizens, your Most Supreme Chimplord speaking,” the intercoms rasped. “I would like to remind all that the curfew for tonight is 8:00 PM; anyone outside after then will be deported to the Holding Cells. Also, the iChimp hits stores today, with three songs: ‘God Save the Chimp,’ ‘Monkey, Monkey, Monkey’ by ABBABOON , and ‘Hit Me With Your Best Well-Aimed Feces Toss’ by Pat Benapetar. That is all.”

The downtrodden humans in the gray streets below resumed their menial tasks: shoveling said tossed matter, serving the nobler classes of monkey citizens, or just sitting around in the locked cages of the zoo.

Because all of this used to be New York City. The streets used to be clean (well, relatively) and walked upon by millions of happy humans.

And then the monkeys just had to take over Earth.

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