Art mishap

There I was lying on the floor, with my miniskirt flying up infront of my principal. I will never forget that moment!
It all started in the art room…
My friends and I were painting a giant picture of our school for the art show. Since we, of course, were the best and most well trained artists in our school, we were allowed to be alone in the art room.
I really don’t know how the paint fight really started, but I do remember me slipping on the bright red paint, falling, trying to get up and then falling again. I really wasn’t the most coordinated of the lot.
Now I think I am going to be expelled. I mean my principal is just staring at me. Her eyes alert and narrow lips pursed in to a tight frown. I am so dead, this school was so expensive. I love it here, and my parents love that I love it here but…
What’s next for me??

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