Heart At Sea

I stood there on the sea shore and let the cool, crisp, salty morning air whip through my hair. I was the only one on the beach, in jeans and a loose yellow tank top. I loved the shore.

The salty ocean water rose up the beach and wrapped itself around my foot. SLowly being covered in sand. The bottoms of my jeans were soaked. I pulled them up and walked slowly into the water. I lay on my back and begin to float. I closed my eyes and take it all in. My hair fanning out around my head.

I reached down into the cold water and searched for a shell. Finally my hand hit one, I gripped it tight and pulled it up to eye level. It was somewhat roundwith many edges. Rounded off from wearing. I stood there and looked at it. I took off the chain around my neck with a small heart stone at the end and rapped it around the shell, tieing it tight, very tight.

I turned to the sea, and threw it as far it I could. This way, my heart would always be at sea. No matter were I was…

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