Lend a Helping Hand Reach For Peace

“It’s raining Karen, how long will you stay out here.”
“Until world peace is achieved!”

“Then I guess you will be out for a pretty long time then.”

“I guess so!”

The lone girl sat in the middle of field, holding her one sign that said.

{One Life for World Peace}

Everyone who passed her by would ask her the same question a hundred times over.

People would bring her food and she would get up to go to the bathroom in one of the near by schools.

One day a car passed her by, the driver looked out of his rear view mirror intrigue by what he saw he truned the car around.

He got out of the car and walked over to the girl in the middle of the field and asked.

“Why are you out her alone?”

She turned to him looking rough around the eyes and said “World Peace”

He was surprised at this that he then asked.

“World Peace because the country is at war?”


“Then what?”

“Because people are uncaring of other people.”

“You can’t change that.”

“Then I’ll die here then.”

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