"Chrisitian was on house arrest?"

“I don’t know what to say..” Andrea says as she goes around the table to give him a hug. When she got to him, she hugged him tightly and said “I thought Christian was a nice guy, why would he threaten you, that’s not like him” Andrea said.

“I always knew he was horrible, he had that whole incident with the probation and the house arrest…he’s just an all around horrible guy.”

“Wait, did you say house arrest? Christian, Krissy’s brother? That french speaking innocent guy on house arrest, for what?”
Andrea asks.

“It’s a long story, he stole one of his teacher’s personal cell phone. He thought it was funny to do something like that, but one of the students who saw him, ratted him out and he was put on probation until he stole the principal’s house keys from her jacket…idiot! He really isn’t a good guy! and to top it all off, he wants me to leave you alone because he likes you”

“Oh great, I have a psychomaniac who likes me, and is blackmailing you with something that shouldn’t even be mentioned”

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