time already?

She completely changed her looks. This way no one would be able to recognize her from what the “Missing Child” pictures would look like. Now she felt safer and less noticable. She tried to stay unsuspicious and low-profile but she needed somebody to talk to. This is when she met Zack.

Zack was a young man around 18 years old and was staying in the room across from her on a college semester trip. He always chatted with her when she was with him on the elevator and such. She knew her limits and decided to become his friend. And then, tradegy struck.

It had now been a month since she had ran away and seven months since she became positive (she’s still too afraid to say the words). She awoke in the middle of the night to find a puddle underneath her on the sheets. Oh shit she thought. As she looked around in terror, she realised it had just been a leaky roof, or was it? If not, her baby could risk being premature with defects. Still in a confusion, she knew somehow her parents would find her now.

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