my dancing accident (700 comment challenge)

I was once injured. Actually, it was pretty recent.

Back in December, I was in my dance class when every one was getting a drink from the water fountain. I decided to practice the move that I couldn’t do right. This move required sliding on the floor leading with my hand. When sliding, my middle and ring finger got caught underneath my leg and i felt it get stuck in the floor and bend back. I felt a numbness throughout my hand for a whole day and went through school with it. When I came home my family decided it was best to get an x-ray. Now, only my middle finger had the numbness and it wouldn’t bend. While taking the x-ray, the doctor and I had a laugh because this was the one time i could hold up the middle finger and not get yelled at. It turns out that I had broken my finger and went through a whole school day writing with it. It’s funny because I never expected it to be broken, just sprained, that’s what people kept telling me.

Interesting challenge, can’t wait to see people’s results.

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