The Resurrection of Liam O'Connor, Part 2

The power of my wife’s spell didn’t leave much of Alexander intact. But he was gone. So was my friend. I didn’t feel too bad for Alexander.

Charlotte was lying near my feet. She looked at me through tired eyes and whispered, “I’m okay baby.” I laughed. Not true laughter, mind you. No, I think it was entirely inappropriate laughter filled with relief and remnants of my fear. My family was safe and the bad guy was dead. No bringing him back either.

My laughter stopped abruptly when I turned to Liam lying so still beside me. I touched his face and felt his faint energy but it was draining away. It was time for Liam to fulfill his oath.

“Charlotte, honey. Liam is dead.” My voice shook. I didn’t want to do this. If I was truly Liam’s friend I never would have asked this of him. A true friend would have let Liam rest. He died a hero.

Charlotte reached for my hand and squeezed it. “He agreed to it. Look at your girl, Des. Look at her.”

I looked at my blood-spattered girl, then shut my eyes. “I need to prepare.”

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